Would you like to reduce your tannins?

Tannins and phenolics are cornerstones of wines. They are responsible for structure, firmness, mouthfeel, dryness, and astringency. Too much or the wrong tannin, and the wine becomes unappealing and bitter.

Volatile Acidity Reduction System

Do you have a stuck ferment with high VA?

I can see the VA looks acetic; will the consumer notice? Consumers agree that wines with elevated levels of acetic acid are less appealing. While they may not identify it, they simply won’t like the wine.

Jump onboard one of the fastest-growing markets in the wine industry!

‘Lifestyle wines’ have a low alcohol percentage between approximately 5-8%, and they are quickly increasing in popularity!

For over 15 years, VAF Memstar’s patented technology has proven effective in reducing alcohol in wines – including some very well-known wine labels!

Keep your reds, RED.

Many vignerons and winemakers know all too well the devastating impact that botrytis can have on grape crops and wine quality. This fungus can creep into your vineyard after a rain event or during periods of high humidity.

Even low levels of infection can transfer sufficient laccase to destroy your hard work.

Crossflow Microfiltration System

Filter Your Wine… Remotely!

Compared to traditional filtration systems, the MEMFLUX microfiltration system uses robust membranes to quickly and gently filter your wine.

What’s Your pH?

We are proud to announce our newest offering, an Electrodialysis machine called Selectra. This state of the art machine has been 2 years in the making!

After years of research and development, this versatile machine is already proving to be popular and has been booked across South Australia.

Phonelic Adjustment That Is Vegan-Friendly?

Get ready to expand your target market by producing vegan-friendly wines!

Unlike other fining or filtration processes that often use animal products, our Protein Stabilisation and Phonelic Adjustment machine refines and filters wine – without additives or other fining agents.

Construction Site

Exciting New Building Plans For 2021!

As we kick off the new year, we are very excited to announce that the construction of our new, state-of-the-art VAF Memstar depot is now underway!

The foundations have been laid, with the concrete set to be poured later this month, and the whole operation due to be finished by August 2021.

Memstar and VA Filtration: lending advantage through innovation

Memstar and VA Filtration are South Australian sister companies at the forefront of assisting the Australian wine community in the ongoing pursuit of winemaking excellence and consumer confidence. Using our own, proprietary technologies, we have developed a series of processes and services based on the improved adjustment of alcohol, and the refinement and removal of unwanted taints to improve colour, texture, taste and clarity in finished wine.

New technology promotes the winemakers’ best intentions

Ultrafiltration is the latest development in the field of wine fining, championed by a local South Australian company intent on ensuring that technology and innovation continue to be at the centre of the modern Australian wine story. Barossa-based VA FILTRATION and MEMSTAR are national leaders in this membrane filtration technology, designed to remove unwanted phenolic compounds in wine, and to improve mouth-feel, texture and colour of the finished product.